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Image of Sonia Fernandes, Chief Talent Officer at Mediacom APAC

β€œ Through technology and machine learning, we are able to mine the minds and hearts of our people, giving us a heart-line to our employees. ”

Sonia Fernandes

Chief Talent Officer,
Mediacom APAC
Image of Terri Bresenham, Former President and CEO of Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, GE

β€œ I think our old established models just simply don't serve our employees as they once were able to. And IΒ think, again, bringing Amber in and this whole idea of trying something different is a part of what we are as a culture ”

Terri Bresenham

Former President & CEO,
Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, GE
Testimonial Image

β€œ Rather than use point in time surveys, we wanted to have something which will help us stay constantly connected to the employees, especially during crucial milestones for them ”

Magesh Sambasivan

Head HR,
Societe Generale
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